Evening Activities

What do urban gardens, a bicycle and a feathered dinosaur have in common? All three are components of presentations by our Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening featured speakers.

Sunday, June 18, 7:00pm

Presenter Leigh Hunt, Royal Horticultural Society, London England

Leigh Hunt professionally trained at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. He currently leads the RHS urban greening program. Hunt will show you beautiful hard-working urban gardens from Scotland to the South Coast that have proven scientifically to benefit the environment. Proof so persuading you’ll want to implement many of the techniques in your garden and encourage others to do the same.

Tuesday, June 20, 7:00pm

Presenter Sara Dykman Amphibian Research and Outdoor Educator

Dykman, a native of Johnson County Kansas, made history as the first person to bike alongside the Monarch butterflies during their Mexico/Canada migration. The book she authored, Bicycling with Butterflies, is about her 10,201 miles journey which won the 2021 National Outdoor Book Award.

Follow the migration with Dykman as she shares her experiences, stories, and information on pollinator survival.

Wednesday, June 21, 7:00pm

Presenter Daniel J. Hinkley Plantsman, Author, Garden Designer

Hinkley is one of America’s foremost horticulturists. Your garden may even boast a Monrovia plant from the David Hinkley colletion. Possible the Jurassic Velociraptor Ribbon Fern named for a feathered dinosaur.

His horticulturally based and entertaining presentation will address The Forgotten Elements of Good Design: Texture, Movement and Fragrance. It is certain to be horticulturally sound and immensely entertaining.

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