For the Gardener in You

We want a conference environment rich in celebration, education and growth. That’s our primary objective. To achieve that goal our IMGC 2023 teams are dedicated to giving you their best based on our shared strengths and interests.

We all benefit from their competency in every aspect of the conference, which includes communications, speakers and presenters, tours, workshops, logistics, catering, trade show, and environmental stewardship.

Thank you to our dedicated team.

Conference Chairs

Carol Fowler, Michele Janson, Dennis Patton

Conference Advisors

Deb Soutar

Team Chairs

Marketing Design and Branding–Rosalie Stuart

Marketing and Publicity Delivery-Rosita Elizalde-McCoy

Graphic Design–Pat Stout

Sponsorships and EMG Fundraising–Dave Rock & Diana Wille

Speakers/Keynotes/Emcee–Merle Sharpe & Jen Stefanchik

Tours and Off-Site Activities–Bob Fowler

Workshops and Off-Site Activities–Linda Patterson

Registration–Cindy Hobbs

Volunteer Engagement and Management–Paula Dix & Terry Ecklund

JoCo EMG Marketplace Booth–Cheryl Howard & Mary Sayers

Photography–Jan Sungail

Writers and Proofreaders–Judy Sharp & Larry Van Sickle

Special Forces Data and Technology–Kathy Elkins

Budget and Finance–Marie Hernandez & Marlene Weishaar

KS/KCMO EMG Participation–Dennis Patton

Trade Show and Vendors–Joyce Householder, Jean Harder, Ricki Creamer

Environmental Stewardship–Kristi Wyatt

Artistic-Related Thoughts–Karen Lyman & Laurie Hess

Conference Center Logistics–David Morrow, Ron Stauffer, DeeAnn Schoenhals, Brian Basel, Dale Beckerman

Welcome Bags and Conference Give-Aways–Gail Peters, Hedy Devero-Beil, Kristin Taylor

Private Garden Tour–Bonnie Duma & Kristi Wyatt

Silent Auction–Beth Graham & Terri Harrell

Hospitality–Adair Weingart & Linda Fuson

Food/Catering–Kristi Wyatt & Maureen Purcell

Decorations–Wendy Clay & Debbi Adams

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