Awards and Submissions

Search for Excellence

The David Gibby Search for Excellence (SFE) Awards recognize the outstanding volunteer work of Extension Master Gardeners (EMG) throughout the United States. SFE includes seven categories in which EMGs can demonstrate meaningful contributions to their communities. All SFE applications must show that significant learning took place, whether by the EMGs or the general public. SFE is designed to recognize outstanding group projects and not an individual who does outstanding work.

SFE Awards are named for Dr. David Gibby of Washington State University who in 1973 created the Extension Master Gardener program. Dr. Gibby trained volunteers with a passion for gardening to assist Extension with consumer horticulture education in the community.

Applications will be accepted through February 6, 2023. Virginia Tech University is responsible for the awards process.Complete information about the process can be found here.

Volunteer Coordinator Award

Distinguished Volunteer Coordinator Award is to recognize volunteer Extension Master Gardener coordinators who demonstrate excellence and service to the Extension Master Gardener Program. The award is given biennially with the honoree announced at the IMGC. The award winner is recognized on the EMG national website and EMG social media channels. Award recipient is encouraged to attend the IMGC. The Distinguished Volunteer Coordinator Award recipient will receive a plaque at the IMGC and recognition on the EMG National website. Applications will be accepted through February 6, 2023. More details here.

EMG Coordinators Poster Showcase

The International Master Gardener Conference (IMGC) offers an opportunity for Extension Master Gardener (EMG) coordinators to network and share ideas, projects, and methods for coordinating, training, and retaining EMG volunteers. By preparing posters that will be hung in the coordinators’ meeting space for the duration of the conference, coordinators will have a chance to take in new ideas and discuss their own at their leisure. The intended audience for these posters includes state and local EMG program coordinators. Poster submission deadline is March 31, 2023. More details here.