Let your creative juices flow by participating in interactive workshops. Hands-on activities include photography, nature journaling, flower arranging, designing pollinator gardens and more.

Workshops will be held on Sunday and Monday, June 18 and 19. Additional fees apply.

Short summaries below, for more details click on our View Our Upcoming Workshops Details! button below the summaries.

W01-Session Full-SOLD OUT! What Would Mother Nature Do?-You’ll travel to this rural two-acre garden demonstrating sustainable gardening practices that work with, rather than against Mother Nature. When a question or challenge occurs, this gardener steps back and asks, “What would Mother Nature do?” Bring your notepad and camera as you will be amazed by this incredible garden and gardener.

W02-Identifying Common Plant Problems-Would you like to enhance your plant pathology detective skills? This workshop led by Kansas State’s diagnostician will guide you through the steps of identifying plant problems confidently and make recommendations. This workshop is for all but for those that volunteer on gardening help lines this will hone your skills.

W03-Understanding Design Principles and Applying Them to the Landscape-Session Full-SOLD OUT!Roll up your sleeves and get ready to design. Utilizing your own set of materials, you will get involved in landscape design. This interactive method not only teaches the principles, it allows you to apply them so you are ready to go home and make your yard shine.

W04-Arranging Flowers and Foliage from your Garden-Learn how to be inspired and create your own floral design using fresh flowers. A member of the prestigious American Institute of Floral Designers will teach you the tricks to making creative displays so you can design with the best. Each participant will leave with their arrangement.

W05-Session Full-SOLD OUT!-Identifying Common Plant Problems-see W02.

W06-Nature Journaling-Session Full-SOLD OUT!Nature journaling is a mindful practice of connecting with nature using all your senses, making, and recording observations, and being curious. What better way to expand your enjoyment! Best of all no experience required just an open mind.

W07-Session Full-SOLD OUT!-Every Gardener is an Artist-Discover your inner artist as you learn to create stunning garden designs combining color, foliage, and other elements. Whether you think you are artistic or not this workshop will have you thinking new and differently as you design your garden.

W08-Positive Ways to Deal with Negative Behavior-The garden may be your happy place, but what happens when it is not? Or when you leave a less than pleasant encounter with personalities or attitudes? Learn conflict management skills to help you with all facets of your life.

W09-Paper Flowers that Never Wilt-Flowers out of paper? You bet! You will learn how to transform various paper into creative floral shapes to use in decoration, give as gifts or just for fun. Each participant will leave with their creation.

W10-Session Full, SOLD OUT! Natural Garden Design-Native plants are in but learning how to incorporate them into the garden requires a different mindset. This workshop will teach you how to mimic native plant communities and create a more sustainable garden in sync with nature.

W11-iPhone Photography Explorations-The best camera to use is always the one you have with you, and for most people, it is your cell phone. Learn how to unlock the tools and processes to maximize your device and abilities from a National Geographic photojournalist.

W12-Session Full, SOLD OUT!-The Herb Garden Lovers Workshop-This hands-on workshop is for the gardener interested in planting, nurturing, harvesting and creatively using herbs. It covers everything from aromatics, and healing, to edible flowers and culinary flavors.