Poster Showcase International Master Gardener Conference


The International Master Gardener Conference (IMGC) offers an opportunity for Extension Master Gardener (EMG) coordinators and EMGs to network, share ideas, projects, and methods for coordinating, training, and retaining EMG volunteers. By preparing posters to be displayed in the trade show area during the conference, attendees will have a chance to take in new ideas and discuss. The intended audience for these posters is state and local EMG program coordinators and volunteers.

Effective Posters educate and show others how they might incorporate new ideas into their programming.

Tell Your Story: mission, goals, target audience of the program. Why did you undertake?

• Program Structure: how did you develop and implement?

• Outcomes and Results: What happened because of your program? How many people were reached? New audiences? Volunteers trained? Impacts?

• Volunteerism component: Describe the number of hours, the type of project(s), needs assessment for the project, any recordkeeping and reporting responsibilities.

• Recognition: Did your program receive recognition or how did you recognize and appreciate your volunteers?

Posters should include a short abstract, sample program materials, and photos to encourage informal discussion about your program or projects. Presenters are responsible for bringing and/or shipping their own posters, as well as set up, take down, and staffing during designated times. Poster frames will be provided for displaying posters at the conference.

Proposal Guidelines

Posters can be submitted by an individual or a team. Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by a team of Extension professionals. Proposals must be submitted electronically, or they will not be evaluated.

• The primary presenter will receive communication. It is the primary presenter’s responsibility to notify and share information with co-presenters.

• Abstracts should include 200 words or less.

• Poster size — the standard poster size is 48” x 36”.

Additional information about posters will be available late 2022

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